Friday, 14 December 2012

Folding clothes is FUN!!!! Seriously.... DIY project for a 10 year old

Myra is at home bored to death....too much 1 Direction is not good for her too....we have limited time to spend with what's the next best thing????

DIY project that is good for her....good for her discipline...get her away from the internet for a bit....and make one of life's most boring chores...EXCITING!!!

Let's make a T-Shirt Folder Apparatus!!! for Myra and Super Hero Zayn....

Here's what we need to do :

You need lotsa cardboard, cutter/scissors, duct tape

Panel A is 7.5 Inches by 30 Inches (you need 2 panels A s)

Panel B is 9 Inches by 12 Inches

Panel C is 9 Inches by 18 Inches

Tape panels together as shown .... 3 spots only tau...

Place a shirt face down centered on panel B

Fold Panel A1 then A2 then C

And fold get the drift laaaa....

Until you get to this stage...Tadaaaaa!!!!!
So now.....that ain't so difficult kan??? Next if you ask me about designing a folder for Jeans, Bra, Briefs......i will say DO IT YOURSELF!!! Muhahahahaaaa

Now Let's Jom!!!!

2.   2SoS

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Malaysia is the 51st Happiest Country in the world??? U gotta be kiddin' me laaa...


Happy People of Malaysia
NEW YORK, April 5 (Bernama) -- If happiness could be measured the way a
country’s economic performance is measured in terms of gross national product or
gross domestic product, then Malaysia would be the world’s 51st happiest

This is the conclusion drawn in the United Nations’ so-called “World
Happiness Report” recently released at its headquarters in New York.
The report, which had been commissioned for the UN Conference on Happiness
held in New York on Monday was compiled on the basis of survey responses
received from 2005 until mid-2011 to “measure the happiness level of 156

In Malaysia’s case, there were a number of factors that led to its 51st
ranking. Materialistic prosperity of individuals may have been one thing but
wealth, usually an indicator of a person’s material wellbeing, was not the only
crucial factor in this determination.
Apek skodeng???? Yup...Happy siot!!

There were factors such as a person’s general disposition, the level of
contentment with basic aspirations, etc. which were also taken into account.

However, Malaysia was ranked 2nd in Southeast Asia, behind Singapore which
emerged as the happiest Southeast Asian country.
On a worldwide basis, the island was ranked 33rd out of the 156 countries
surveyed. Thailand was ranked 52nd, Myanmar landed at 74th position and
Indonesia was 83rd.
The rich Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Finland and Norway took the
top three rankings in the report which suggested that nationals of richer
countries tend to be happier despite the fact that wealth was not the defining
factor for happiness.
"Political freedom, strong social networks and an absence of corruption are
together more important than income in explaining well-being differences," the
report said.
"At the individual level, good mental and physical health, someone to count
on, job security and stable families are crucial."

The report also is a pointer to different perceptions in different parts of
the world. In general, there is a universal feeling that greater attention
should be paid to happiness as criteria for government policy.
The world’s richest nation, the United States, landed at 11th position, with
Japan at 44th and communist China at 111th position, trailing behind Iran (84th)
and Syria (106th).
The “distinction” of being the least happy country in the world went to the
West African nation of Togo.
Bhutan, which has found a constituency of supporters in the United States
where people are becoming “increasingly philosophical”, as one diplomat told
Bernama, is playing a leading role in the bid to redefine what development
Recognizing that economic indicators like GNP or worker productivity are
imprecise measures of national well-being, Bhutan has applied the new concept of
"gross national happiness" in its own budgeting since the 1970s.



Apa lagi........Let's Jom!!

Best budget destinations for 2013 ...if you have a budget of Branson lah...

Best budget destinations for 2013

Hotel rates in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand, have dropped by 27 percent. (Photo: Steve Allen /

Year after year, friends and family of the Budget Travel staff inevitably ask us the same question: "Where's the coolest and most affordable place to go next?" Luckily, we work hard to get at the right answers for them.

Each year before the holidays, the BT team combs through piles of data regarding new flight destinations, airline prices, places aggressively building new hotels, cities experiencing cultural booms, currency charts, and other statistics to compile our list of the 10 best Budget Destinations for the upcoming year.

Some destinations were more interesting to us because they were so full of new and unique attractions (Northern Ireland!), and others were standby dream vacation spots that were suddenly more affordable than they've been in recent years (the Loire Valley, France). But the one thing they have in common is that they're completely accessible and ripe for exploring now. So read up, pick a place, and get planning!

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Even if Ko Phi Phi isn't familiar by name, you still might recognize its turquoise waters, leaf-blanketed limestone peaks, and signature longtail boats—the hallmarks of this island paradise off the coast of Thailand inspired wanderlust the world over when it was spotlighted in the film “The Beach.”

An archipelago comprised of two main islands, Ko Phi Phi was on the rise as a holiday destination when it was devastated by the tsunami of 2004. Eight years and a rigorous rebuilding effort later, it's now well on its way to becoming a luxury tourist spot. This year, hotel rates have dropped by 27 percent to an average of $151 per night, compared with a 13 percent increase in nearby Phuket.

(Photo: Valentino Visentini /

Toronto is seriously having a moment. The cultural, entertainment, and financial capital of Canada has not only undergone a huge building boom, but also New York City exports are opening up here at rapid pace, like the new Thompson and Trump hotels, and David Chang's Momofuku empire.

But what makes it a great budget destination is that unlike the rest of the world, hotel prices didn't increase at all in the first half of 2012. Like any good bustling North American city, there are myriad cultural options to be found here, but because this is a harbor town off Lake Ontario, there are also plenty of affordable outdoorsy activities like hiking, biking, and canoeing. And because about half of the population was born abroad, the ethnic food scene is as good as it gets anywhere in the world.

Palm Springs, Calif.(Photo: Courtesy Saguaro Palm Springs)

With its towering namesake palms and countless pools, Palm Springs has long been heralded as California's desert oasis, where the stars and golf aficionados fled when they needed a little R&R. Now, with a 6 percent drop in airfares amid near-universal increases nationwide, it's also a refuge for bargain-seeking travelers.

Antalya, Turkey(Photo: Jokerproproduction /

If you've never heard of the Turkish Riviera, you're not alone—Americans have thus far rarely ventured to the southwestern Mediterranean coast of Turkey for holiday. All that seems likely to change this year for several reasons: Average hotel prices have significantly and notably dropped from last year (from $193 to $146, almost 25 percent), and in 2011 it beat New York City to become the world's third-most visited city by international tourists.

The word is out about this city that's part beachfront, part metropolis, and part ancient town. And even though many of the tourists here are of the incredibly wealthy European variety, the 5-star all-inclusive resorts on the beaches offer rates as low as $100 a night. More adventurous types will also get a huge kick out of the city's proximity to some of the oldest known architectural ruins in the world. The nearby Catalhoyuk Mound is one of the oldest and best-preserved Neolithic sites to date, existing from 7500 BC to 5700 BC.

Loire Valley, France(Photo: Steve Allen /

According to the 2012 Hotel Price Index, the historic wine and chateaux region known as the Loire Valley (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) saw a 19 percent price decrease in average hotel rooms, bringing them to $128—pretty good, considering going to France isn't generally considered a budget affair. And in November of this year, the Euro hit a two-month low against the dollar due to bailing out debt-burdened member nations. Bad news for Europeans, but it adds to your advantage when traveling right now.

The best way to see the area is to rent a car in Paris and drive 150 miles south until you reach the middle stretch along the Loire River. You'll want to be able to drive to the various vineyards—the fertile land is home to the regions of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé, as well as Muscadet.

Nashville, Tenn.(Photo: Steven Frame /

In the new hit ABC drama "Nashville," a political powerbroker describes his hometown as "a thriving, prosperous city, an industrial and cultural juggernaut." In other words, the home of the Grand Ole Opry is going a little heavy on the "grand," while easing up considerably on the "ole."

You might say life imitates art. This spring, a brand-new, $585 million, 118,000-square-foot convention center will open downtown, which will in turn help fuel the city's ongoing hotel construction boom.

But growth in Nashville isn't solely related to real estate. In a city known primarily for its "hot chicken" and "meat and three sides," chefs are helping to transform Nashville into a new culinary powerhouse, along the lines of Charleston. On the other end of the spectrum, buzzy food trucks are hitting the streets of hip neighborhoods like East Nashville and The Gulch.

Northern Ireland(Photo: Courtesy Ardfern/Wikimedia Commons)

Northern Ireland has been troubled for the better part of the 20th century, thanks to a bloody religious conflict. Peace has since been restored, but that didn't immediately skyrocket Northern Ireland to the top of travelers' bucket lists.

So how's the outlook in 2013? Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland's second city, became the first U.K. City of Culture ( The 6th-century walled city will spend $25 million in new cultural programs designed to bring in tourism. Best of all, Northern Ireland is now easier (and cheaper) to get to: Beginning in fall 2012, EasyJet and Aer Lingus added more flights between Belfast and London, which is expected to increase competition with British Airways and thus further lower airline prices.

Slovakia(Photo: Oleksandr Dragunov /

Since it split from the Czech Republic in 1993, Slovakia has remained a quiet hidden gem. But on the 20th anniversary of its independence, with one of the fastest growing economies in the EU, Slovakia finally seems ready for its close-up.

Slovakia's second city, Košice, shares the European Capital of Culture designation with Marseille, marking the first time a Slovak city has held the title. The well-preserved city, which dates back to the 12th century, will focus on the future. The city's 19th-century military barracks have been converted into Kulturpark, a creative district that will promote contemporary art, experimental theater, and modern dance.

Boracay Island, The Philippines(Photo: Donsimon /

As tourism from east Asia and the United States grows each year, the white-sand beaches of this southeast Asian archipelago should move from your bucket list to your see-it-before-it's-overrun list—especially since Royal Caribbean made its first call to Boracay in October.

It’s rather remarkable considering that tourists never even set foot on Boracay until the 1970s. Now there are more than 300 resorts and hotels for visitors to choose from on this thin speck of prime oceanfront real estate (less than a mile wide and less than four miles long) and last year the area saw more than 900,000 visitors.

The Bahamas(Photo: MorganOliver /

If it seems as if the Bahamas are an annual fixture on you-can-afford-to-go-here lists, well, they are—for good reason. From northernmost Grand Bahama, with its three national parks, underwater caves, and urbane nightlife, to the bustling port of Nassau, home to iconic Cable Beach and historic Bay Street lined with shops and cafes, the Bahamas remain a favorite "stylish steal" for savvy travelers

For a taste of authentic Bahamas cuisine, stop into Twin Brothers for mixed platters of local favorites like conch, snapper, and grouper.
So...have you planned for 2013???
Let's Jom!!!!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

10 Unexpected Buildings Architects Turned Into Homes

10 Unexpected Buildings Architects Turned Into Homes

I want to build my own floating container hotel on Kenyir or that lake at Ampang Hilir....

10 Unexpected Buildings Architects Turned Into Homes

When buying a home most of us consider residential neighborhoods with traditional homes. Few would consider the idea of converting nonresidential structures into homes but there are those who are more adventurous. The range of unusual structures is broad; from grain silos to old fire towers architects have stretched their imaginations to create truly unique homes.
converted airplane 10 Unexpected Buildings Architects Turned Into Homes

1. Airplanes

Boarding an airplane, one expects to travel somewhere. No one expects a plane to remain firmly on the ground or to be home to its owner. In Benoit Miss., after an ice storm destroyed her home, Joanne Ussery along with the encouragement of her cousin, took a decommissioned 727 and converted it. With an investment of thirty thousand dollars, it was more cost effective for her than rebuilding her former home and it would be more durable over the long haul. Others have spent millions converting old 747’s into unique homes complete with meditation rooms and lofts. source
converted church 10 Unexpected Buildings Architects Turned Into Homes

2. Churches

The historical architecture, voluminous ceilings, and stained glass windows are all great features of older churches. As congregations abandon these beautiful structures, creative homeowners step in to convert the space into amazing homes. The wide-open floor plans offer the chance to create modern designs in these historic buildings. source
converted ship 10 Unexpected Buildings Architects Turned Into Homes

3. Boats

The idea of living on a houseboat, docked in a harbor, has great appeal for some. The idea of taking a boat out of the water and creating a home on dry land with it is more novel. An Ohio couple did just that, when they salvaged the quarters of the Benson Ford, a ship once owned by Henry Ford and used to ship cars across the Great Lakes. The ship’s interior had beautiful walnut paneled staterooms, a dining room and galley. Recognizing the value of the architectural details, they removed the cabin from the rest of the ship, floated it to a lot on an island and converted it into private residence. source
converted grain silo 10 Unexpected Buildings Architects Turned Into Homes

4. Grain Silos

Imagine walking into a round structure with a peaked roof and looking up. Then imagine living in it. Many of these grain silos stand empty and are sold or torn down. To save them from the scrap heap ingenious architects and designers are converting them into fabulous homes. They are cost effective, environmentally friendly and low maintenance. Some who have the pleasure of calling these unique structures home say the interior shape can be inspirational and soothing. source
converted shipping container 10 Unexpected Buildings Architects Turned Into Homes

5. Shipping Containers

People have been converting these boxes of steel into living spaces for years, by outfitting a single box into very small homes. Architects and designers are grabbing onto the concept of using these in more modular ways. Turning a shipping container into a home takes some creativity. It is a very small space, measuring just eight feet wide and up to twenty feet long with walls made of heavy steel. Multiple boxes can be stacked to create apartments, or welded together to create larger square footage homes. source
converted postoffice 10 Unexpected Buildings Architects Turned Into Homes

6. Post Offices

Thirty seven hundred old brick Post offices will close in the coming years. Many of them are beautiful structures worthy of being recycled. Across the country, old post offices have new lives as office spaces, restaurants, and art galleries. In Paintsville Kentucky, their colonial revival style Post office underwent renovations turning it into a unique home with a lot of character. It took a bit of vision and dedication to restoring a bit of history. source
converted firehouse 10 Unexpected Buildings Architects Turned Into Homes

7. Firehouses

Just like old Post Offices, older firehouses are closing down and structures left standing. A little imagination, money and a desire to be atypical is all it takes to turn one of these into an amazing home with character. The open floor plan, high ceilings, and unique details help transform the commercial spaces into one of kind residences. source
converted barn 10 Unexpected Buildings Architects Turned Into Homes

8. Old Barns

Old barns dot the landscape in New England, most are abandoned and some have poor structural quality from years of neglect. The rare barn that has kept its solid bone structure can find new life as a home. The exposed beams can become interesting architectural features; the old lofts reinforced to create a second floor. The possibilities are endless with an interior blank canvas and high ceilings. source
converted school 10 Unexpected Buildings Architects Turned Into Homes

9. Old Schools

Quaint old brick school buildings are a popular commercial space to be converted. They have the architectural details not found in modern buildings and offer sturdy construction that can easily be adapted to suit most tastes. Their openness tends to favors modern design with tall ceilings and big windows, creating a perfect juxtaposition of old and new. source
converted firetower 10 Unexpected Buildings Architects Turned Into Homes

10. Fire Towers

Fire towers once manned to watch for forest fires have found new life as weekend mountain retreats. Already built to withstand wind, rain and snow it takes very little to convert a fire tower into a place to getaway form it all. The rugged tall structures that look out at the valleys below give a newly converted home the feeling of an open tree house. source
By turning these unexpected buildings into homes architects and creative homeowners have saved old historic buildings from decay, given new life to beautiful boats, and found unique uses for retired airplanes and grain silos. If you could choose to live in something unexpected, what would it be?

Back again...

Sorry for the quiet period...I've actually changed jobs and this new endeavor is very heavy on the 'free time' issue. I am still in Tourism but much more within the be more exact....The East Coast of Malaysia....

I promise to make time to write,,, for now here are some funny is kinda lame I know but hey! better than nothing kan? Only in Malaysia..


Can fart?? Sure can one...?

Just today...tomorrow onwards u become the slave....literally

The Female Latio Club are all married....popular it seems..
Rugi laa..itu pasal tutup laa

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

ASEANITA your guide to ASEAN


Hi, my name is Aseanita. I love travelling and exploring new places and different cultures, especially in Asean countries. If you would like to be my friend, comment in my facebook page and I'll be more than happy to add you!  
I am Aseanita and I will be your guide to discover Asean together.

Aseanita is a young fictional character of Asean heritage and she speaks for all of us who calls the Asean region home. She dreams the impossible and never takes no for an answer.

Who are we? We are a 600 million people with a shared heritage, and a GDP of USD2.1 trillion. We are the land bridge between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. We are a region with diversity -- in ethnicity, religions, linguistics, cultural and even culinary, yet we are one community. We are Asean.

This year, Asean Day (8th August 2012) marks the 45th anniversary of Asean. Why is this date so important?

45 years ago, the founders of Asean realized that our communities are inextricably linked to one another, interwoven in a tapestry of shared dreams and destinies. They formed a geopolitical and economic bloc, called Asean, to shape that tapestry together. These countries are Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. On 8 August 1967, Asean was born. From 5 countries, Asean expanded to 10 countries to include Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. 45 years later, Asean is a 600m strong, wealthy community with a GDP of USD2.1trn that is becoming increasingly well-connected through mobile internet and the low cost carrier revolution in air travel.

The time has come to realize that we are not just people of 1 country, but 1 region. We are Asean. 
 Traveling and making friends are my passion. I love sharing Asean cultures wherever I am and enjoy the warm hospitality received at every destination too. Come join me in my pursuit of happiness in Asean!

 Please Like me and join my Facebook Page

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Very Interesting Signs....

There are millions of people travelling all over the world everyday.... funny signs are everywhere we go...unfortunately some of us don't even bother noticing them...either we are not observant enough or we have a sense of humour equivalent to a tub of lard....

With every handphone equipped with a camera...its not a hassle anymore to snap something intruiging as we go along our lives..just snap away and share with your friends through social media such as facebook...and why not? Here are a few I took myself...mostly of course I got them by Googling lah!!

Expecting good customer service? Don't bother...

I took this one myself at MRR2 exit towards Cheras somewhere..

If nothing sticks to does Teflon stick to the pan?

Derma Dadah???? Hmmm....

First time flyer I suppose...

This one I took at Hartamas.... I Demise means I die..once u die you stop aging...correct?

You're not supposed to?? Where then?

Your kids are fat because you are lazy parents lah!!

U miss the exit you go 6 feet below...

Come tomorrow u will see the same a dog chasing its own tail...

I sure hope the animals reading this understands English....

Yeah...the street is good enough...

Only  for the desperate...

Thousand dollar meals!! Value? Yup...bloody high value...

Where terminally ill people live....

You laugh laaa...a common ASIAN problem..

Home of the Royal Twits!!

Uncivilised Airport must be in Kandahar and the rest of the world

I've actually been to such a place...

Please change the sheets once you're done...pleaseee

Apparently many Eunuchs play golf here...

My kinda sign!!

Female man and Male door

Where can I get this???

Sounds like a character from Harry Potter!!...Google him!!

Walk up to a Psychic...slap him hard and say...'U did not SEE that coming did you??'

Canadian sense of humour...or Canadians speak mongrel?

Smart...looking at our screwed up history, I think someone  may have given it to this bloke...

If  the doors are open, we are open for business...Duuuhhh!!

City of Comedians

This is just rude... get a Hearse lah..

Apart from not being able to spell correctly,...We oso push people on wheelchair down the stairs

I've heard of elephant and turtle cemetary but a Kangaroo Brothel???

Lightning McQueen did not see this sign I suppose...

Too much Baked Beans is bad for the environment...

Trickling ??? Prostate maybe??

Aren't you supposed to trust these bobbies??

Welcome to Redneck Country...

Self-Drive Penetiantary?

Can't live without his right hand man...

You're gettin' screwed all the way up the mountain!!

I would be scared stiff if I was a child!!

I have friends like this... wouldn't swap them for anything
You have to get it done in 5 minutes...

Most likely taken in a club...most probably the top left position is the one least used
Just bloody rude!!

To all the young women out there....
Have you seen any good ones lately???? Take a picture of it and share!!!... Let's Jom!!!